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Meet the People Behind our Product Support

At Biognosys, one of the things we pride ourselves in is our dedicated customer support. From when you first contact us and throughout your time as a customer, our support team is here to make sure you get the most out of your data every time. In addition, we offer in-depth information about all our proteomics software and kits through our Helpdesk.


Here, we introduce the people that make up the support team for our software solutions and our peptide kits and reagents.

Monika Puchalska, Ph.D., Proteomics Applications Specialist

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As a customer-oriented proteomics specialist, Monika is likely to be your first scientific consultant at Biognosys. Monika knows our software solutions through and through and specializes in training and coaching scientists to implement industry-best practices for analyzing proteomics data.

Fabia Simona, Ph.D., Scientific Business Development Manager

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Before joining Biognosys three years ago, Fabia completed her Ph.D. in quantitative phosphoproteomics workflows on corals, where she used Spectronaut to analyze her data. Now, she supports current and future customers of our software solutions as a Scientific Business Development Manager.

Tejas Gandhi, Ph.D., Head of Bioinformatics

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Our Head of Bioinformatics, Tejas, has been with Biognosys for over 10 years. Tejas has been involved in the development of every piece of Biognosys software and knows all the ins and outs of our solutions. Tejas enjoys helping users with their questions and having Tejas as an active member of the support team is an absolute luxury for both our customers and us.

Oliver Bernhardt, MS.c., Principal Scientist Bioinformatics

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When it comes to Biognosys software and especially to Spectronaut, Oli knows everything there is to know. Oli is the lead developer of Spectronaut and has been with us since we created the very first version of our flagship software. Oli joined Biognosys as an intern over 10 years ago and has been a full-time employee since he completed his studies in bioinformatics and software development.

Tikira Temu, MS.c., Bioinformatics Scientist

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Tikira is the lead developer of SpectroMine, our software for DDA analysis. Tikira is an experienced bioinformatician and has a passion for problem-solving, both important qualities when supporting our customers in their DDA data analysis.

Véronique Laforte, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Scientist

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Véronique joined Biognosys in 2021 and quickly became a key member of the team. She is the lead developer of SpectroDive, our software for targeted proteomics. With her background in software engineering, biochemistry, and clinical assay development, Véronique brings valuable experience to our growing support team.

Sebastian Müller, Ph.D., Principal Scientist

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Sebi joined Biognosys six years ago as a Product Developer. He now works as a Principal Scientist in our R&D team and is the lead developer of our quantitative peptide kits. Sebi is the go-to person when it comes to our peptide kits. In addition, Sebi is an expert in LC-MS and applies this knowledge when tackling questions on how to get the most out of our kits.

Do you have any questions about our software solutions? Head over to our Helpdesk to get in touch.

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