Meet Biognosys in San Franscisco

Biognosys, an innovative company providing next-generation proteomic services and workflows, will be visiting the San Francisco area January 30th through February 3rd to meet with our customers and other researchers interested in learning about unbiased protein expression profiling. We still have some time slots available and we would like to invite you to meet with us at your convenience.

Biognosys provides world leading contract research services for high content protein quantification and analysis. Our HRMTM technology can quantify up to 9’000 proteins in a single measurement in any kind of biological system with high precision and unbeatable reproducibility. This enables a profound and global understanding of the biological systems. HRM is the method of choice for biomarker discovery, MOA & toxicology studies including PTMs profiling (please see more applications here).

Dr. Florian Marty, our Global Product Support Manager, and our North American west coast Scientific Business Development Manager Chris Balagtas, are looking forward to discussing with you how Biognosys can best support your R&D projects. Please contact Chris at to arrange an on-site visit.


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