LiverDig 100 assay panel for high-throughput toxicological assessment

In pre-clinical research, methods enabling early prediction of drug toxicity are of very high value. Today Biognosys announces its newest product – the LiverDig™ 100 assay panel – that is specifically developed to address this need. The panel based on MRM technology enables accurate quantification of 100 distinct rat liver proteins in a single measurement. LiverDig™ is suitable for various pre-clinical applications including mode of action studies, screening and validation of new drug toxicity biomarkers.

Following PlasmaDive™, LiverDig™ 100 is Biognosys’ second standardized MRM assay panel for routine laboratory analytics. The panel is offered for measurements as fee-for-service in Biognosys’ facility and as a product for transfer to any CRO (incl. GLP-certified) equipped with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.


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