Learn more about Next-Generation Proteomics in Maastricht

Next week Biognosys, an innovative company providing next-generation proteomic services and tools, is going to visit Maastricht, The Netherlands, to present at the seminar hosted by Prof. Ron Heeren, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, University of Maastricht.

Dr. Florian Marty, Product Support Manager at Biognosys, will give a talk on “DIA based HRM-MS: An Introduction with a focus on Spectronaut 10 and its applications” on Monday 20th March at 9.00 AM at Co Greepzaal (M5.01), 5th floor, Universiteitssingel 60.

If you are interested in attending the presentation please contact Florian at florian.marty@biognosys.com for further details.

Biognosys provides world leading contract research services for high content quantitative protein analysis. Our HRM technology can quantify up to 9’000 proteins in a single measurement with high precision and unbeatable reproducibility. This enables a profound and global understanding of the biological systems. HRM is the method of choice for biomarker discovery, MOA & toxicology studies including PTMs profiling (please see more applications here).


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