Large scale DIA analysis and scalability of the Spectronaut Software

Today Biognosys released a technical note “Large scale DIA data analysis and scalability using Spectronaut™ software”. Here we present the latest version of Spectronaut and its capabilities of processing large MS experiments on well affordable computer hardware.

Specifically, in this technical note you will learn about:
  • Configuring Spectronaut for maximal performance
  • Scalability of Spectronaut
  • Properly selecting your computer/workstation for Spectronaut
We show that an average time of between 3 and 5 min per run is needed for the DIA analysis when using a spectral library containing 100,000 peptide precursors and that Spectronaut is be able to process thousands of samples even when using a large spectral library.

You can download the technical note here.

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