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We’d love it if you could join Biognosys in Florence, Italy at  IMSC 2018 on August 26th! We will be hosting a lunch seminar at the conference with three dynamic speakers and will be presenting four posters about our latest research. Our team members will also be at a Biognosys booth to answer all of your questions about how we can help you do great proteomics!

Here’s how you can find us at IMSC 2018:

When: August 26th - August 29th, 2018
Where: ENIC Meetings & Events, Florence, Italy
Biognosys Booth Information: Booth Nr. 47
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Improved Robustness and Throughput

The recent advancements in the field of proteomics have allowed for the reliable, deep quantification of the proteome. This has opened the opportunity for clinical proteomics and large-scale biomarker discovery studies. Our R&D efforts are focused on the development of workflows that enable the robust, proteome profiling of large sample sets. 

With the knowledge that label-free and isobaric labeling are the two most popular quantification workflows in discovery proteomics, we ventured to objectively compare the two methodologies. We discovered that label-free quantification using data-independent acquisition (DIA) proved more applicable for large sample sizes.

Our R&D team constantly pushes the limits of proteomics with the aim to enable the analysis of large-scale serum samples, while also enabling the profiling of large FFPE samples stored in biobanks. We will present two label-free workflows that best showcase the large-scale analysis of plasma and FFPE samples. These high-throughput workflows, coupled with our data-independent acquisition method (DIA), are ideally suited for biomarker discovery research, which requires comprehensive and robust analysis of large sample sets. 

Deeper Quantification

Isobaric labeling methods are well suited for the profiling of smaller samples sizes. We have developed a novel methodology to achieve improved identification while maintaining robust quantitative accuracy. Utilizing our novel search engine Pulsar, which can search raw data with FASTA files as well as spectral libraries, we were able to have greatly reduced search space by using those spectral libraries. This led to sped up and improved sensitivity and reproducibility.

Whether it’s through our software, peptide kits, or our services, Biognosys is always pushing to expand our reach into the proteome. We hope that our four poster presentations will provide you with a comprehensive insight into our latest research.
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