iRT concept is gaining acceptance

Biognosys is invited to present its iRT concept for mass spectrometry specialists.

On September, 29th Biognosys is invited to present its iRT concept at the “Mass Spectrometry in Biological Sciences” seminar in Basel organized by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The concept of normalized retention time (iRT) allows proteomics researchers to easily schedule multiplexed MRM experiments with high accuracy in the prediction of peptide retention times, resulting in increased overall sensitivity. Biognosys developed the RT-Kit that, in combination with Thermo Fishers “on-the-fly retention time shift correction” TSQ Vantage system, significantly improves analytical robustness and throughput of MRM measurements. This seminar is a great platform to share Biognosys’ expertise and experience with other researches working in the field of MRM proteomics.


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