Grant Challenge in Immuno-Oncology

Biognosys Announces Grant Challenge in
Immuno-oncology Research!


We are delighted to make our proteomics technology accessible to the biopharma community to support drug discovery efforts in immuno-oncology and apply proteomics to the toughest challenges in immunotherapy research.


New Solutions Are Needed to Address the Toughest Research Questions

Immuno-oncology has transformed the way cancer is treated today and has significantly improved patient outcomes. Yet the complexities of the immune system and the intricate ways in which it interacts with cancer are still poorly understood. This is evident from the heterogeneous responses to therapy where only a subset of patients derives significant clinical benefit.

The development of novel immunotherapies has proven challenging. New analytical tools, which more accurately recapitulate the complexity of the tumor microenvironment and the host immune response to the tumor are necessary to discover and develop new therapeutic strategies.


Your Chance to Gain Access to Cutting-edge Proteomics

Biognosys has been leading the charge to next-generation proteomics by developing novel approaches to address key challenges in drug discovery. We have successfully supported biopharma projects in novel target identification, biomarker discovery and mode of action studies by performing deep quantitative protein expression profiling in biological samples.

Now, we would like to make our proteomics technology accessible to researchers at biopharma companies to support drug discovery efforts in immuno-oncology.

Be the first to engage in a research collaboration with Biognosys and utilize proteomics to address the toughest challenges in immunotherapy research.

Submit a project proposal by November 15th, 2019 and get the opportunity to work with us!

UPDATE: Deadline extended until December 15th, 2019. The winners will be announced in early 2020.


Selection Criteria

  • Applicants: You are a researcher at a biopharma company focused on discovering and developing immuno-oncology therapeutics.


  • Project Proposal: You have a defined scientific hypothesis supported by orthogonal data such as tumor burden, FACS, RNA seq or similar, which can benefit from the addition of quantitative proteomics profiling.   


  • Sample Material: You have access to tissues, bodily fluids or immune cell samples, which can be used to address your scientific hypothesis. The samples are readily available and can be sent to Biognosys for proteomics analysis.


  • Data Usage: You are enthusiastic about collaborating with Biognosys to derive biological insights and to co-present the data at scientific conferences, as well as a part of case studies, webinars and posters.


  • Data Confidentiality: All data will be treated as confidential. Publication or presentation of the data will be mutually agreed upon by  Biognosys and yourself.


  • Study Costs: Biognosys will cover the costs associated with the proteomics profiling of up to 40 samples. Sample logistics shall be organized and covered by you.


How to Apply?

Complete the submission form below including a summary of your project proposal by November 15th, 2019.

Recipients of the Grant will be announced in December 2019.

UPDATE: Deadline extended until December 15th, 2019. The winners will be announced in early 2020.


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