Introducing PQ500™

Biognosys is excited to announce the launch of our newest Reference Peptide Kit, PQ500™.

PQ500™ addresses the need for comprehensive coverage of the plasma proteome, which is often challenged by the low multiplexing possibilities and limited number of target proteins that can accurately be quantified. PQ500™ offers researchers the solution for many of their unanswered questions involving plasma proteomics research by significantly expanding the protein coverage in human plasma.

PQ500™ enables absolute quantification of more than 500 human plasma proteins through the combination of the quantitative capabilities of MRM/PRM with the comprehensiveness of DIA. It consists of more than 800 stable isotope labelled standard peptides (SIS) that were carefully selected for best performance and stability.

PQ500™ offers compatibility with Biognosys’ PlasmaDive and PlasmaDeepDive kits and supports a variety of workflows with a choice of optimal reference peptides. Additionally, high and low response reference peptides allow for reliable quantification under differentiating sample conditions. 

PQ500™ can further be used in other biological samples such as: urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) — where the target proteins largely overlap with protein compositions of these samples. PQ500™ is the new standard in protein quantification.

You can read more information about PQ500™ here.

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