Improve the performance of your proteomics LC-MS facility with QuiC

Today Biognosys announces the release of a new version of QuiC – an easy to use tool to monitor performance of your proteomics workflows over time. 

QuiC automatically analyzes MRM, PRM, DDA and DIA data and extracts LC and MS performance indicators such as the identifications in DDA mode, mass calibration or LC peak capacity. 

QuiC features:

  • Management of multiple instruments
  • Folder monitoring for newly acquired raw files
  • Handling of corrupted raw files and duplicates
  • A multitude of performance indicators for MRM, PRM, DDA and DIA based on iRT peptides
  • A multitude of performance indicators for DDA and DIA based on all identifications in discovery mode
  • Automated management of instrument interventions and graphical visualization with the performance indicators
  • Intuitive visualization and customizable reporting for documentation

To learn more about QuiC visit our homepage here or join us for a live webinar:

"Monitoring the performance of a Proteomics Core Facility – troubleshooting with QuiC"

Presenter: Dr. Joanna Kirkpatrick, Manager Core Facility Proteomics, Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Germany

When: 12 December 2017 at 4pm CET

Register for the webinar

QuiC can be obtained directly from the Biognosys’ online shop.


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