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HUPO 2023 Posters


Improved library-free proteomics analysis for dia-PASEF using directDIA+ in Spectronaut

Presenter: Sira Echevarria

Synchronizing analysis with acquisition for significantly faster library free analysis of DIA

Presenter: Tejas Gandhi

DeepQuant, a neural network for interference correction of precursor quantities

Presenter: An-phi Nguyen



Leveraging deep proteome profiling of plasma- and serum-derived extracellular vesicles for melanoma biomarker discovery and disease dissection

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

In collaboration with the University of Zurich and Stanford University

A comparative investigation of human plasma proteome profiling with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and affinity-based assays

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

Protein and peptide signatures separate healthy aging, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease in a paired CSF and plasma study

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

In collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Discovery and validation of immuno-oncology therapeutic targets in human immune cells by mass spectrometry based proteomics

Presenter: Amaury Lachaud

In collaboration with Genmab


Drug target identification of a multi-pass transmembrane G protein coupled receptor antagonist using limited-proteolysis coupled mass spectrometry (LiP-MS)

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

Harnessing the power of limited proteolysis and ultra-deep mass spectrometry proteomics for small molecule drug target identification and MOA deconvolution

Presenter: Amaury Lachaud

FAIMS-PRM and SpectroDive™

FAIMS PRM: Sub attomole sensitivity for plasma proteomics analysis

Presenter: Simonas Savickas


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