HUPO 2012 poster presents study on variability in individual plasma protein profiles

As HUPO 2012 meeting is approaching, we would like to highlight our poster presentation “Variability in individual plasma protein profiles over time”. In this study 75 plasma proteins were tracked weekly in 6 healthy individuals over 4 time points.

Longitudinal profiles were analyzed with Biognosys MRM workflow that utilized label-free version of PlasmaDive™ MRM panel and SpectroDive™ software for high throughput MRM signal processing. The generated data provide so far unique insights into the plasma protein variability in healthy individuals and serve as a starting point for larger biomarker discovery & validation trials.

To learn more about the study results and Biognosys’ capabilities please visit:

Poster #451, Hall AB, Plaza Level
Monday, Sept 10, 10:30 – 12:00
Wednesday, Sept 12, 10:30 – 12:00

We are looking forward to meeting you at HUPO 2012 conference.


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