High-precision retention time prediction for next-generation proteomics

We would like to announce today a new revolutionary approach for high-precision prediction of peptide retention time (high-precision iRT) specifically designed for the targeted analysis of data independent acquisition (DIA or SWATH) data sets. The high-precision iRT approach is described in a study recently published in Proteomics by Bruderer et al. entitled “High-precision iRT prediction in the targeted analysis of data-independent acquisition and its impact on identification and quantitation”.

The newly developed high-precision iRT concept extends the set of original 11 iRT peptides to thousands of anchor points derived from the actual sample. These anchor points are stored in Spectronaut, a professional software for DIA or SWATH data analysis, which automatically takes the available peptides in each specific sample to build a high quality spectral library. The high-precision iRT concept results in 15% more precursor IDs in a DIA analysis compared to the original iRT and 25% more precursor IDs in a DIA run when retention time prediction was not used for spectral library generation (Bruderer et al. 2016).

The detailed information can be found in our official press release or in the published article.

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