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Presenter: Yuehan Feng

Date: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023, 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Session: PP03

Presenter: Ino Karemaker

Date: Monday, June 5
Topic area: Disease Biomarkers

E-Poster presented at AACR 2020

Presenter: Jakob Vowinckel, PhD
A collaboration with: Indivumed GmbH

Presenter: Luca Räss

Oral Presentation at ASMS 2021
Session: Cancer Research
Date: Monday, November 1

Welcome to the Biognosys 3D Protein Explorer!

You can visualize the proteomic signature identified with our next-generation Plasma Biomarker Discovery solution in our latest pan-cancer study. We mapped each protein onto DeepMind’s AlphaFold2 protein structures and UniProt’s topological domains. We will keep expanding this portal to allow you to have a 3D view of the proteome.



Biognosys’ mass spectrometry technology and solutions search the complete proteome to quantify the most relevant proteins for your research. We offer multi-dimensional insights on protein expression, function, and structure to help you to unlock the complexity of biology and gain deeper insights for your biomarker discovery.

Learn more about our biomarker discovery offerings in biofluids and tissues.

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The case study elaborates on the latest study on lung cancer we performed with our high-throughput TrueDiscovery™ platform for immunopeptidome profiling from needle-sized biopsies. We identified > 11,000 Class I and > 9,000 Class II immunopeptides on average.

Our partnership with precision oncology expert Indivumed uniquely supports our mission of deciphering biological complexity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our proteomics solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development in oncology.

In this video, our CBO, Kristina, and Indivumed’s Senior Director Oncology Analytics, Daniel, highlight what they value and enjoy in our partnership.

Biognosys’ Head of Business Development & Sales, Ben Gonzales, recently sat down with NeoGenomics Laboratories’ Director of Scientific Affairs, Anna Juncker-Jensen, to discuss all things Biomarker Discovery. What are the biggest challenges researchers face today? And how can the collaboration between NeoGenomics and Biognosys help overcome them?

Watch the interview to hear their perspectives. To get to know more about this strategic partnership, click here.



Yes, today we are talking about immunopeptidomics! Our Principal Scientist, Marco Tognetti, is featured in our latest SpotLight series video to explain everything about this innovative application of our TrueDiscovery™ platform.


Are you looking for targets for personalized cancer immunotherapies or developing novel mRNA and peptide-based vaccines and cell-based therapies? We can help. Our Immunopeptidome Profiling solution offers the deepest identification of Class I and II peptides to step up your research journey!



Contact our experts at services@biognosys.com to learn how we can support you.

Marco Tognetti, Kamil Sklodowski, Sebastian Müller, Dominique Kamber, Jan Muntel, Roland Bruderer*, and Lukas Reiter*. American Chemical Society’s Journal of Proteome Research.


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The plasma proteome has the potential to enable a holistic analysis of the health state of an individual. However, plasma biomarker discovery is difficult due to its high dynamic range and variability. Here, we present a novel automated analytical approach for deep plasma profiling and applied it to a 180-sample cohort of human plasma from lung, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. Using a controlled quantitative experiment, we demonstrate a 257% increase in protein identification and a 263% increase in significantly differentially abundant proteins over neat plasma. In the cohort, we identified 2732 proteins. Using machine learning, we discovered biomarker candidates such as STAT3 in colorectal cancer and developed models that classify the diseased state. For pancreatic cancer, a separation by stage was achieved. Importantly, biomarker candidates came predominantly from the low abundance region, demonstrating the necessity to deeply profile because they would have been missed by shallow profiling.


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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

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