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Beaulieu M-E, Martínez-Martín S, Kaur J, Castillo Cano V, Massó-Vallés D, Foradada Felip L, López-Estévez S, Serrano del Pozo E, Thabussot H, Soucek L. Cancers.


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Blocking MYC is the holy grail for human cancer treatment. However, the development of clinically viable MYC inhibitors has been arduous. Omomyc is the first cell-penetrating peptide targeting MYC for cancer therapy which is now being evaluated in clinical trials in cancer patients.


To overcome the challenges, the researchers at Peptomyc and Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) have relied on our next generation-proteomics platform TrueSignature™.


The platform allowed specific quantification of the therapeutic peptide and assessed the distribution in the tumor – key measurements not possible with other technologies. Moreover, we developed a targeted assay to quantify Omomyc across serum, FFPE, and fresh frozen tissue in mouse and human samples. The versatility of TrueSignature in protein quantification was used for pharmacokinetic profiling in blood and preclinical models and will potentially be translated to clinical practice.


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