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In January, we announced our new strategic partnership with Bruker to broaden access to our leading proteomics services & tools for biopharma and #biomarker customers.

In this exciting SpotLight episode, Biognosys’ CEO Oliver Rinner and Rohan Thakur, President of the Bruker Life-Science Mass Spectrometry division, discuss the many synergies of the new alliance and give an outlook of what the future might hold.


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Presenter: Amaury Lachaud

Date: Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023, 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Session: PP05

Presenter: Yuehan Feng
In collaboration with Cedilla Therapeutics and the University of Cambridge

Presenter: Simonas Savickas

Date: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023, 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Session: PP03

Poster presented at IMSC 2022

Presenter: Simonas Savickas

Session: Poster Session B
Date: August 31 and September 1

New Horizons, Expanding Possibilities

Kristina Beeler, PhD (Biognosys)

Genomics and transcriptomics provide only a limited understanding of disease biology, which results in a significant stumbling block to the success of precision medicine. Proteomics has emerged as the method of choice to answer some of the most challenging questions across the drug development pipeline, from novel target discovery to large-scale biomarker studies. For almost 15 years, Biognosys has been at the leading-edge of proteomics. Over this time, we have developed industry-leading solutions that have enabled some of the most innovative biopharma companies to unlock discoveries and progress their drug development pipelines.




The registration for the event is still open:

Short Bio Kristina Beeler:

Kristina leads the business activities of the services offering of Biognosys. Her team enables Biognosys’ global partners to utilize proteomics to address the key challenges in their research.


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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

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