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Presenter: Yuehan Feng

Date: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023, 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Session: PP03

Presenter: Ino Karemaker

Date: Monday, June 5
Topic area: Disease Biomarkers

Our new White Paper explains how advances in mass spectrometry can now unlock the potential of the plasma proteome, uncovering actionable insights that are essential for biomarker discovery and targeted drug development.

Bruderer R, Muntel J, Müller S, Bernhardt OM, Gandhi T, Cominetti O, Macron C, Carayol J, Rinner O, Astrup A, Saris WHM, Hager J, Valsesia A, Dayon L, and Reiter L. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.

We have established a robust capillary-flow DIA platform capable of measuring a large number of clinical samples in a fast and reproducible manner. The platform allowed the acquisition of 31 plasma proteomes per day, and a total of 1508 samples from the dietary intervention study DiOGenes measured on a single column. Our workflow revealed distinct biological reactions to weight loss and maintenance, and the comparison to independent studies showed the robustness for potential biomarker discovery.

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Poster MP 305 presented at ASMS 2022

Presenter: Christopher Below
Session: Ion Mobility: Applications I
Date: Monday, June 6

E-Poster #TP 005 presented at ASMS 2021

Presenter: Andrés Lanzós
Session: Biomarkers: Discovery
Date: Tuesday, November 2

In January, we announced our new strategic partnership with Bruker to broaden access to our leading proteomics services & tools for biopharma and #biomarker customers.

In this exciting SpotLight episode, Biognosys’ CEO Oliver Rinner and Rohan Thakur, President of the Bruker Life-Science Mass Spectrometry division, discuss the many synergies of the new alliance and give an outlook of what the future might hold.


The case study elaborates on the latest study on lung cancer we performed with our high-throughput TrueDiscovery™ platform for immunopeptidome profiling from needle-sized biopsies. We identified > 11,000 Class I and > 9,000 Class II immunopeptides on average.

The brochure provides you with an overview of Biognosys’ history, including major milestones, our technology, as well as key facts about our offerings.

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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

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