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Presenter: Marco Tognetti
Date: November 5

The poster highlighted our Immunopeptidome Profiling solution for cell and tissue immunopeptidomics. Our pipeline generates high-quality identifications from minimal starting material. It can be deployed to help shed light on immunopeptidomics heterogeneity through large-scale profiling of patients, as exemplified in the case of MSI-H colorectal cancer. Download the poster to discover more.

Presenter: Lukas Reiter
Date: November 7

The poster discusses how plasma samples were measured using Biognosys’ TrueDiscovery workflow. Due to the particular protein abundance distribution in human plasma substantial improvements in proteome depth could be achieved allowing to profile more than 4000 proteins using a single shot mass spectrometry workflow.

Presenter: Roland Bruderer
Date: November 7

Alterations in biofluid proteomes are powerful molecular biosignatures for the screening and diagnosis of bladder and kidney-related diseases. At HUPO 2022, Roland Bruderer presented a poster on how we identified actionable biomarkers for bladder cancer and chronic kidney disease in urine with our TrueDiscovery™ platform for deep unbiased mass-spectrometry-based proteomics.

From the total of 12,617 proteins identified in the urine samples, we revealed changes in proteins involved in programmed cell death, telomerase organization, keratinocyte, and epidermal cell differentiation, as well as inflammation markers and previously described markers such as urokinase plasminogen activator surface receptor (UPAR). Of the altered proteins analyzed, 23 significantly differentiated the pathophysiological conditions. Download the poster to discover more.

Presenter: Ino Karemaker
Date: November 5

The poster discusses plasma and CSF data collected with our TrueDiscovery™ platform in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in plasma.

Out of the almost 6,000 proteins identified in CSF and more than 3,000 in plasma from young healthy control subjects, patients with mild cognitive impairment, age-matched healthy controls, and Alzheimer’s patients, we were able to generate a comprehensive and quantitative map of proteomes linked to healthy and pathological aging. Download the poster to discover more.

This comprehensive brochure provides an overview of our services offering.

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The brochure provides an overview of the key features and benefits of our next-generation TrueDiscovery™ platform. In addition, it elaborates on our deep and reproducible proteome, phospho- and immune-proteome quantification and analysis. Finally, it digs into how we identify the most promising and actionable biomarkers for research and clinical decision-making.

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