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Biognosys’ Head of Business Development & Sales, Ben Gonzales, recently sat down with NeoGenomics Laboratories’ Director of Scientific Affairs, Anna Juncker-Jensen, to discuss all things Biomarker Discovery. What are the biggest challenges researchers face today? And how can the collaboration between NeoGenomics and Biognosys help overcome them?

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Let our Head of R&D LC-MS and Workflows, Roland Bruderer, guide you through discovering the fascinating world of tissue proteomics and explain how deep we can now explore the tissue proteomes to uncover enlightening insights.


This poster delves into the ULTRA-DEEP EXPLORATION OF HUMAN TISSUE PROTEOMES, where 20025 protein groups were identified across all 22 tissue samples (19 healthy and 3 cancer). The poster concludes that the qualitative human tissue digital proteome serves as a rich resource that can be mined for various applications such as basal protein expression, different proteoforms, PTMs etc.


Advances in mass spectrometry proteomics now make it possible to achieve unprecedented depth and coverage faster than ever before. In this case study we demonstrate the advantages of our new workflow based on the Bruker timsTOF® platform, delivering unbiased high-throughput analysis of lung cancer and healthy tissue samples in less than 24 hours.

This poster emphasizes the importance of MHC molecules in immune responses, particularly in cancer research, where comprehending tumor-associated antigens holds great significance. Accurately quantifying HLA class I/II neoantigens is essential for understanding how the immune system detects and reacts to cancerous cells. However, a significant limitation lies in the high input material requirement.

We devised an integrated immunopeptidomics (IMPX) workflow tailored for cell and tissue samples to address this challenge. This innovative approach allows for in-depth profiling of immunopeptides while substantially reducing the input material needed, which is particularly beneficial for PBMC samples.


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    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

    New: Hyperplex Biomarker Panels

    Custom Panels for Absolute Protein Quantification

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