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The case study elaborates on the latest study on lung cancer we performed with our high-throughput TrueDiscovery™ platform for immunopeptidome profiling from needle-sized biopsies. We identified > 11,000 Class I and > 9,000 Class II immunopeptides on average.

Yes, today we are talking about immunopeptidomics! Our Principal Scientist, Marco Tognetti, is featured in our latest SpotLight series video to explain everything about this innovative application of our TrueDiscovery™ platform.


Are you looking for targets for personalized cancer immunotherapies or developing novel mRNA and peptide-based vaccines and cell-based therapies? We can help. Our Immunopeptidome Profiling solution offers the deepest identification of Class I and II peptides to step up your research journey!



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Poster presented at ASBMB 2022

Presenter: Nigel Beaton
Sunday, August 14

Presenter: Yuehan Feng

In our poster, we introduce a semi-automated workflow requiring low sample input to robustly identify immunopeptides from cultured cells and tissue samples and apply it to a cohort of colorectal cancer samples for immunopeptide profiling and neoantigen identification.


This poster is the product of a collaboration with Indivumed Therapeutics.


Presenter: Marco Tognetti
Date: November 5

The poster highlighted our Immunopeptidome Profiling solution for cell and tissue immunopeptidomics. Our pipeline generates high-quality identifications from minimal starting material. It can be deployed to help shed light on immunopeptidomics heterogeneity through large-scale profiling of patients, as exemplified in the case of MSI-H colorectal cancer. Download the poster to discover more.

Our collaborator, GreyWolf Therapeutics, has uncovered the effect of aminopeptidase ERAP2 inhibition for generating the de novo antitumor T-cell responses, thereby overcoming the resistance mechanism for current immune-oncology therapy.

Learn more about leveraging our TrueDiscovery® immunopeptidomics CRO services to overcome the challenges in immune-oncology.

Disclaimer: The contact information provided for poster download will also be shared with GreyWolf Therapeutics


E-Poster 1374/5 presented at AACR 2022

Presenter: Marco Tognetti
Session: PO.IM01.05 – Tumor Antigens, Antigen Presentation, and Tumor Immunity
Date: April 11

Poster 3920/16 presented at AACR 2022

Presenter: Marco Tognetti
Session: PO.CH03.01 – Proteomics, Signaling Networks, and Biomarker Discovery
Date: April 13


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