CSF Proteome Profiling using N-Glycocapture Enrichment

Today we published the results of our internal study in which we evaluated the performance of the N-Glycocapture protocol for the N-glyco subproteome profiling in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) using the HRM technology.

The study was performed with CSF from 5 healthy males of different age. Results show age dependent differences in the CSF proteome and reveal two potential candidates that are of importance in the protection of the brain from neurodegenerative diseases upon aging. You can see the details of the study in the application note.

The N-Glycocapture protocol enables selective enrichment of glycosylated proteins that are primarily located in the cell membranes or secreted in tissues and bodily fluids. Biognosys holds the license for this patented protocol and offers glyco-protein profiling in contract research projects using its high-content HRM approach that is based on the DIA acquisition technology. 

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