Biognosys' technology and workflow published in Science Translational Medicine

Together with the group of Ruedi Aebersold from the ETH Zurich, Biognosys released a milestone paper on high-throughput biomarker validation. The paper “Reproducible Quantification of Cancer-Associated Proteins in Body Fluids Using Targeted Proteomics” is published in the prestigious journal Science Translational Medicine.
The paper describes the new targeted proteomics workflow based on iRT, Biognosys’ unique technology recently published in Proteomics. iRT enables the development and evaluation of protein assays in a highly multiplexed way, un-matched by any other technology.
In this study Biognosys developed assays for more than 1000 cancer-associated proteins. The assays were applied to reproducibly detect the target proteins in plasma and urine from cancer patients and healthy controls. Highly accurate and sensitive quantification of 34 biomarker candidates across 84 patient plasma samples was demonstrated.

Biognosys is the only company offering the described technology and workflow. “As the technology leader in targeted proteomics, we add value to medical research by providing a plug&play solution for clinical applications”, says Oliver Rinner, CEO of Biognosys AG.


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