Biognosys targeted proteomics tools now support PRM measurements

Today Biognosys announces that its complete targeted proteomics portfolio now supports Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) measurements. This includes SpectroDive™ software as well as multiplexed assay panels for blood proteomics PlasmaDive™, PlasmaDive™ Mini and PlasmaDeepDive™.

PRM is a novel variant of a well-established targeted proteomics method Multiple Reaction Monitoring (SRM or MRM). While the MRM measurements are primarily performed on triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, the PRM is enabled by the latest generation of high-resolution Orbitrap™ or Q-TOF mass spectrometric instruments.

More information on how the PRM workflow is integrated in Biognosys’ targeted proteomics platform is available in our latest technical note “Accurate and fast proteomics analysis of human plasma with PlasmaDive™ and SpectroDive™” (download here or visit our Science Hub). 

In this technical note you will learn about:
  • Step-by-step set-up of parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) workflow with PlasmaDive™ and SpectroDive™ software
  • Anticipated out-of-the-box results of precisely quantifying 100 proteins in human plasma in less than one working day
  • Experimentally determined lower limits of quantification in human plasma for all 100 proteins featured in PlasmaDive™
With adding the PRM workflow to its product portfolio Biognosys continues to support researchers with its cutting-edge proteomics technology.

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