Biognosys targeted proteomics solutions featured in two recent publications

We would like to invite you take a look at two recent publications that feature Biognosys targeted proteomics solutions:

1. The group of Prof. Giancarlo Marra from the Institute of Molecular Cancer Research, University of Zurich used a targeted proteomics approach known as multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) to verify potential protein markers of colorectal adenoma identified in a large cohort of precancerous colorectal lesions. The authors employed Biognosys’ SpectroDive software for MRM data analysis and were able to verify 22 biomarker candidates that might be used to develop a standardized pre-colonoscopy blood test for the early detection of colorectal tumors. The results are published in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics under the title “Targeted proteomics for multiplexed verification of markers of colorectal tumorigenesis”.

2. The group of Prof. Manuel Mayr from King's College London investigated the relevance of MicroRNA-122 (miR-122) in the long-term risk of developing metabolic disorders. The authors used Biognosys’ PlasmaDive panels to measure the absolute protein quantities of 92 proteins per plasma sample in a large population-based cohort. The paper published in Diabetes  carries the title “Circulating MicroRNA-122 is Associated With the Risk of New-Onset Metabolic Syndrome and Type-2-Diabetes”. 

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