Biognosys’ SpectroDive software for targeted proteomics features in Nature

Alessandro Ori, a user of Biognosys’ SpectroDive software for targeted proteomics, and his colleagues from the EMBL published an elegant study of the human nuclear pore complex in Nature last week that combines mass spectrometry with cryo-electron tomography, biochemical analysis, perturbation experiments and structural modelling.


All the targeted proteomic data were analyzed using SpectroDive. “With SpectroDive we were able to reliably quantify even small differences in protein abundance – something we at first thought would not be possible” says Alessandro about SpectroDive. “In addition, SpectroDive is simple to use. It streamlines the process from assay development, to validation to peptide quantification.  The good graphical interface allows for an easy manual inspection to assess data quality and the software is very robust from a statistical point of view.”


Alessandro also presents targeted data processed with SpectroDive in a recent Cell Systems paper, where he and his co-authors describe an integrated transcriptome and proteome analysis revealing organ-specific proteome changes during aging.


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