Biognosys presents at the Personalized Medicine World Conference 2012

On January 23rd Biognosys presents at the Personalized Medicine World Conference 2012, Mountain View, USA as a participant of the "Most Promising Company" Competition. The Competition will feature selected companies in the Personalized Medicine field showcasing their technologies. In the first round the companies present in parallel track to select committee members and audience. TOP 3 companies will be chosen to present in the main session and the winner will be voted on by the judging committee and audience. Biognosys is going to introduce a personal protein passport that should serve as a lifelong history of one`s own protein profile enabling personalized health monitoring and disease onset detection on a molecular level. The underlying concept of “digital biobanking” implemented through the novel Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) technology will be presented for the first time to a broad audience.


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