Biognosys participates in a European Consortium to develop a new platform for predictive modelling of cancer signaling

Today Biognosys proudly announced that it will partner in a European Consortium “CanPathPro” that aims to develop a combined systems and experimental biology platform for generating and testing cancer signaling hypotheses in biomedical research. The EU Horizon 2020 funded project, co-ordinated by Alacris Theranostics, will run for 5 years with a budget of almost 11 million euros and will bring together scientists from academia and industry across Europe with clinical and omics expertise.

Cancer screening and new therapies have significantly decreased the mortality rate of cancer in recent years, despite the higher incidence in the ageing European population. However, cancer’s great molecular complexity and heterogeneity still presents a challenge for developing effective new treatments. Recent technological developments have enabled the generation of molecular datasets that are exponentially increasing our knowledge of cancer. New solutions are now needed to exploit this wealth of data and to understand the cross-talk between pathways as well as the underlying molecular basis of cancer development and progression.

The European Research Consortium CanPathPro will take a unique approach to bring together classic cancer research with omics data and systems biology tools. The CanPathPro-generated platform will enable in silico identification of cancer signaling networks critical for tumor development and will allow users to predict the activation status of individual pathways, following integration of selected data sets in the pathway models. The platform will be of great help in basic cancer research, better treatment and stratification of patients, and more efficient targeted drug development.

Biognosys will perform quantitative analysis of the phospho- and non-phosphoproteome in tumor samples with its cutting edge Hyper Reaction Monitoring technology (HRM-MS™) that is especially suited for discovery and quantitative biology applications.  HRM-MS™ is a next-generation proteomics technology developed by Biognosys that enables reproducible and accurate quantification of up to 8,000 proteins in a single sample. HRM-MS™ is based on data-independent acquisition (DIA) performed on high-resolution mass spectrometric systems. Biognosys offers this technology also as a contract research service to its customers.

Full press release is available here.


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