Biognosys offers a starter package for targeted proteomics

Today we launched PlasmaDive™ Mini, an MRM panel for absolute quantification of 100 proteins in a single measurement for up to 20 samples. The panel comes together with a 3 months trial version of the SpectroDive™ software, providing the simplest path into high-quality  targeted proteomics.


PlasmaDive™ Mini, like the larger PlasmaDive™ panel, is based on the scheduled Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) approach and contains a mix of 100 heavy labelled peptides for absolute quantification of target proteins. It sets a new standard for clinical research, biomarker screening and development of companion diagnostics.


SpectroDive software for targeted proteomics was recently featured in Nature. Alessandro Ori, a co-author of the paper, says: “SpectroDive is simple to use. It streamlines the process from assay development, to validation to peptide quantification.  The good graphical interface allows for an easy manual inspection to assess data quality and the software is very robust from a statistical point of view.”


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