Biognosys licenses patent for glyco-capture technology

We would like to announce that Biognosys has licensed patent from the ETH Zurich for the N-glyco-capture technology. 

The technology was originally invented and patented by Prof. Ruedi Aebersold and colleagues at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. It enables selective enrichment of glycosylated proteins using a chemical method. Glycosylation is prevalent on proteins located in the cell membranes and on secreted proteins located in tissues and bodily fluids. These proteins are also the most easily accessible for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

As the only company worldwide Biognosys now offers glyco-protein profiling in contract research projects using its high-content HRM approach that is based on the novel DIA/SWATH acquisition technology. Such profiling is applicable for example in biomarker and drug target discovery, and other applications that focus on membrane proteins.


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