Biognosys in-licenses a new technology published in Science

Unbiased and proteome-wide profiling of protein conformational changes

Biognosys is delighted to announce it has obtained an exclusive license from the ETH Zurich for the Limited Proteolysis (LiP) technology to study protein structural changes.

LiP is a novel methodology, invented by the group of Prof. Paola Picotti at the ETH Zurich, for the investigation of protein conformational changes on a proteome-wide scale with domain-level resolution and under near physiological condition. In an article published in Science last week titled “Cell-wide analysis of protein thermal unfolding reveals determinants of thermostability” the Picotti group uses LiP to study thermal protein stability in four distinct organisms including human cells. 

The application range of the LiP technology is very broad since protein conformational changes can result from a variety of events such as protein-protein interactions, compound-protein interactions, posttranslational modifications, etc.

Biognosys is currently  developing applications of the LiP technology such as the identification of small molecule binding sites (e.g. for drug target deconvolution) and proteome-wide discovery of induced structural changes. Biognosys plans to commercialize the technology as a contract research services later this year.


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