Biognosys discovery proteomics solutions featured in recent publications

We would like to invite you take a look at two recent publications that feature Biognosys discovery proteomics solutions:

Sandra Isabel Anjo, Cátia Santa and Bruno Manadas published a comprehensive review on the development of the data independent acquisition technique especially focusing on its application in the biomarker discovery. The review article is published in Proteomics journal under the title “SWATH-MS as a tool for biomarker discovery: From basic research to clinical applications”.

Shanshan Li et al from ShanghaiTech University and Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology evaluated the impact of major acquisition parameters such as the precursor mass range, isolation window width and accumulation time as well as the data-processing variables including peak extraction criteria and spectra library selection on the performance of data independent acquisition (DIA). Moreover, the authors also compared the effectiveness of two widely used peak extraction software PeakView and Spectronaut in discovery of differentially expressed proteins in a biological context. The results are published in Journal of Proteome Research under the title “Optimization of Acquisition and Data-Processing Parameters for Improved Proteomic Quantification by Sequential Window Acquisition of All Theoretical Fragment Ion Mass Spectrometry”.

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