Biognosys at ASMS / Denver

Biognosys is lecturing and exhibiting at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference 2011 in Denver, Colorado (swing by Booth 28 if you’re attending).

On Tuesday, June 7th, at 4:30, Dr. Oliver Rinner, CEO of Biognosys, will be giving a talk on the mProphet data analysis software and it’s use with MRM proteomics and iRT retention time calibration.  This talk follows the recent publication of mProphet in the journal Nature Methods, and focuses on how to achieve standardization and efficiency in MRM measurements.

And as this conference includes leading scientists in proteomics and mass spectrometry from around the world, Biognosys will be displaying their time-saving and quality-assuring MRMbase Assays and retention time calibration RT-Kits for expert MRM users.  Current promotions are available for both products – follow the links to learn more.


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