Biognosys and ETH Zurich receive CHF 1.5m funding from CTI

The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) has granted CHF 1.5m for a research collaboration between Biognosys and the group of Prof. Aebersold, ETH Zurich, to bring the novel HRM-MS technology to the market.

Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) is the next generation proteomics technology based on data independent acquisition (e.g. SWATH-MS) that enables simultaneous measurement of 1000s of known and unknown proteins in a sample and subsequent extraction of protein profile data. Moreover, proteins in a sample measured with HRM can be easily analyzed retrospectively, including proteins that were not known or not considered relevant at the time of sample measurement. This innovative concept of “digital bio-banking” can potentially revolutionize clinical research and diagnostic. Biognosys has already achieved substantial advances in the development of HRM and now with the CTI support and in collaboration with ETH Zurich plans to bring the technology to the market. 

With HRM Biognosys aims to provide consumers with a personal protein passport that contains snapshots of blood proteins tracked over a life-time. Such a digital protein passport, serving as a lifelong history of one`s own protein profile, is a powerful tool to monitor health / detect onset of diseases, and to preserve information for future advances in diagnostics and treatment. 


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