Absolute quantification of human plasma biomarkers down to attomole levels with Biognosys’ targeted proteomics platform

A recent paper in Clinical and Translational Medicine entitled “Plasma preparation to measure FDA-approved protein markers by selected reaction monitoring” highlights the PlasmaDeepDive MRM Panel and SpectroDive software as a perfect platform for reliable, cost-efficient and highly standardized discovery and validation of human plasma biomarkers.

Moreover, in an application note “Parallel reaction monitoring of depleted human plasma: peptide detection and quantification at attomole levels” we show that limits of detection (LOD) and quantification (LOQ) for Biognosys panels are in the sub-attomole range while the lowest amounts measured can be close to 1 amol.

If you are interested in testing our targeted platform for absolute quantification of plasma proteins, try our recently launched starter kit: PlasmaDive Mini.

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