Press releases

01. October 2018: Biognosys and Evosep promote joined robust, high-throughput workflows for clinical plasma proteomics

24. April 2018: Freenome and Biognosys announce collaboration to improve early-cancer detection and treatment

08. November 2017: Biognosys announces a technological breakthrough in the development of its next-generation proteomics workflow

18. September 2017: Biognosys AG Announces Co-Marketing Agreement With Waters Corporation

12. July 2017: Biognosys raises new funds to bring proteomics to the broader life science research market

05. June 2017: Thermo Fisher Scientific and Biognosys Announce Co-Marketing Agreement to Create Industry Leading Data-Independent Acquisition Workflows

02. June 2017: New Spectronaut™ Pulsar from Biognosys enables spectral library free DIA

14. July 2016: High-precision retention time prediction for next-generation proteomics (press release)

17. May 2016: Biognosys releases Spectronaut™ 9.0

29. April 2016: New platform for predictive modeling of cancer signaling: European Consortium “CanPathPro” started

12. January 2016: Biognosys raises new funds for US expansion (press release)

11. November 2015: Biognosys releases Spectronaut™ 8.0 (press release)

29. May 2015: Biognosys launches SpectroDive™ for MRM and PRM data processing (full press release)

05. May 2015: Biognosys releases Spectronaut™ 7.0 (full press release)

06. March 2015: HRM - a new standard for comprehensive proteome profiling (full press release)

06. February 2015: Biognosys introduces Sample Preparation Kit for mass spectrometry-based proteomics applications

05. December 2014: DIA / SWATH Market Assessment Report

21. November 2014: AstraZeneca will utilize the newly launched Proteome-SEQ™ service from Biognosys (full press release) 

24. October 2014: Biognosys’ Spectronaut™ software now supports Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ platform (full press release)

10. September 2014: Biognosys releases Spectronaut™ 6.0 (full press release)

05. September 2014: Biognosys launches standardized proteome discovery service Proteome-SEQ™ (full press release)

09. July 2014: Disease Cell models – Their Use in Industry TEDD Workshop (Conference Report)

14. May 2014: Biognosys launches an online shop for standardized proteomics solutions (full press release)

04. April 2014: Biognosys’ Spectronaut™ software now supports spectral library generation (full press release) 

07. March 2014: Biognosys and FGCZ announce collaboration on SpectroDive PRM testing (full press release)

28. February 2014: Biognosys introduces new multiplexed MRM Assay Panel for depleted plasma – PlasmaDeepDive™ (full press release)

28. August 2013: Biognosys’ Spectronaut™ software now supports Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ (full press release)

09. April 2013: Biognosys in Laborwelt’s special issue „Bio- und Pharmaanalytik“ (in German)

25. January 2013: HRM Kit and Spectronaut™ review in Genomeweb - ProteoMonitor

23. January 2013: Spectronaut™ software launch - full press release

05. December 2012: Biognosys in STEP Award Magazine 2012/2013 (in German)

04. October 2012: Biognosys in Transkript Spezial Issue (in German)

26. September 2012: Biognosys' online TV contribution to the future of cancer medicine (in German)

21. September 2012: SwissRe Risk Dialogue Magazine features Biognosys

24. April 2012: Article about Biognosys in the Leader (in German)

03. April 2012: Biognosys featured in NZZ Equity video report (in German)


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