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5/21/2019 NEWSLETTER: Biognosys to Present Latest Feature Updates of Spectronaut 13.0 at ASMS 2019

Biognosys attends ASMS 2019 with an array of posters, orals and exhibition booth (#517)

4/15/2019 NEWSLETTER: Biognosys to present new proteomic data at AACR and MSACL

Biognosys to present new data on applications of HRMTM mass spectrometry to support research for therapeutic development and clinical investigations

4/15/2019 NEWSLETTER: Big Launch Weekend: Biognosys reveals SpectroDive 9.0 and QuiC 3.0

Biognosys Introduces Two Major Software Updates and Pushes the Standards of Next Generation Proteomics

4/15/2019 NEWSLETTER: Biognosys publishes with SCIEX on digitizing proteomes from big tissue biobanks

Unlocking Big Tissue Biobanks: Analyzing the Proteome Using SWATH® Acquisition and Spectronaut Analysis

4/4/2019 PRESS RELEASE: Roche Presents Data from Biognosys for Use of Discovery Proteomics in Clinical Trials

Roche presents data from a mock clinical trial study suggesting that next generation discovery proteomics is ready for use in clinical trials.


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