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2/1/2018 Webinar Reminder

6/2/2017 New Spectronaut™ Pulsar from Biognosys enables spectral library free DIA

It begins now. The new era in proteomics.

5/19/2017 It begins now.

The new era in discovery proteomics.

2/27/2017 Biognosys in-licenses a new technology published in Science

Unbiased and proteome-wide profiling of protein conformational changes

12/23/2016 End of Year

12/9/2016 Proteome profiling of aqueous humor in patients with glaucoma

Biognosys’ Discovery Proteomics Service was used to quantify hundreds of proteins in patients with glaucoma

11/30/2016 Spectronaut™ 10 is now available

Features new protein quantification algorithm (Protein Quant 2.0) and Gene Ontology annotation for proteins

11/11/2016 Biognosys and Moderna present a joint poster at the mRNA Health Conference Boston

Exploring the potential of using targeted proteomics for the high throughput quantification of protein expression after mRNA administration

8/24/2016 Don’t miss the webinars on DIA method development and the simplest targeted proteomics platform

If you haven’t yet registered we still have a couple of places left. We will send the recording of the webinar afterwards to all registrants.

8/19/2016 Biognosys will attend the IMSC 2016

We look forward to meeting you at the 21st International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Toronto

8/18/2016 Robert Moritz, Ruedi Aebersold, Leroy Hood and Biognosys publish work on SRMAtlas in Cell

We are happy to announce that Biognosys was involved in the development of the human SRMAtlas, a collection of proteomic assays for any human protein.

1/7/2013 Method of the year 2012

Targeted Proteomics has been named "Method of the year 2012" by Nature Methods

1/4/2013 Landmark paper in Nature Communications

Biognosys founder Johan Malmstroem publishes landmark paper in the field of targeted proteomics and infectious disease in Nature Communications.

12/7/2012 Closing of financing round

We have closed an intermediate financing round with incumbent and new investors allowing us to further expand our business in Europe and the US.

5/15/2012 iRT paper published in PROTEOMICS 8/12

Our recent paper is published in the latest issue of Proteomics 8/12

1/3/2012 Biognosys and ETH Zurich receive CHF 1.5m funding from CTI

The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) has granted CHF 1.5m for a research collaboration between Biognosys and the group of Prof. Aebersold, ETH Zurich, to bring the novel HRM-MS technology to the market.

12/7/2011 Biognosys collaborates with M2 to develop commercial MRM software

Biognosys collaborates with M2 to develop commercial MRM software

10/31/2011 Biognosys raises CHF 2.7m in Series A Financing

Biognosys attracted venture capital from experienced investors including Syngenta Ventures.

10/13/2011 Biognosys ranked #12 of TOP100 Swiss Start-Ups

Biognosys ranked #12 of TOP100 Swiss Start-Ups and #3 among Life Science companies.

9/16/2011 iRT concept is gaining acceptance

Biognosys is invited to present its iRT concept for mass spectrometry specialists.

9/9/2011 Biognosys Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!

On September 9th, 2011, Biognosys turns 3 years old...

7/4/2011 Deal with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Siena, Italy: Biognosys AG is entering into a collaboration with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.


The world's most validated library of mass spec assays

5/24/2011 Biognosys at ASMS / Denver

Biognosys is lecturing and exhibiting at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference 2011 in Denver, Colorado (swing by Booth 28 if you’re attending).


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